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Metro Crisis Coordination Program
18986 Lake Drive East

Chanhassen, MN 55317
Telephone: 612.869.6811

(to reach a specific individual dial the individual number from the directory below)

Fax: 612.869.6743
Emergency After-Hours Cell: 612.202.6311

Everyone listed here can also be reached via email. Just use their first name initial,

last name (just as it is shown here with no spaces) followed by @mtolivet-mora.org.


Staff Member Title Direct Number
Jim Temple Program Director 952.767.3671
Ron Hanson Education Specialist 952.767.3125
Donna Kuller Nurse 952.767.3672
David Barsness Intake Coordinator 952.767.3679
Beth Nord Behavior Analyst / Information & Referral Specialist 952.767.3674
Brittany Snyder Information & Referral Specialist 952.767.3678
Max Wiessner Behavior Analyst / Information & Referral Specialist 952.767.3686
Karin Nagel Behavior Analyst Team Supervisor 952.767.3681
Amy Blunt Behavior Analyst 952-767-3670
Katie Malsam-Bicek Behavior Analyst 952.767.3676
David Quam Behavior Analyst 952.767.3675
Joe Fuemmeler Behavior Analyst 952.767.3682
David Aadland Behavior Analyst 952.401.4845
Ashley Wastart Behavior Analyst 952-767-3677
Jodie Leko Behavior Analyst 952.767.9196
Ben Chung Behavior Analyst 952-767-9180
Michael Eastin Behavior Analyst 952-401-4860
Curtis Larkin Staff Augmentation Specialist 952.767.3125


Metro Crisis Coordination Program   -   18986 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen, MN 55317   -   612.869.6811
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