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Metro Crisis Coordination Program
18986 Lake Drive East

Chanhassen, MN 55317
Telephone: 612.869.6811

(to reach a specific individual dial the individual number from the directory below)

Fax: 612.869.6743
Emergency After-Hours Cell: 612.202.6311

Everyone listed here can also be reached via email. Just use their first name initial,

last name (just as it is shown here with no spaces) followed by @mtolivet-mora.org.


Staff Member Title Direct Number
Jim Temple Program Director 952.767.3671
Ron Hanson Education Specialist 952.767.3125
Donna Kuller Nurse 952.767.3672
David Barsness Intake Coordinator 952.767.3679
Beth Nord Behavior Analyst / Information & Referral Specialist 952.767.3674
Brittany Snyder Information & Referral Specialist 952.767.3678
Max Wiessner Behavior Analyst / Information & Referral Specialist 952.767.3686
Karin Nagel Behavior Analyst Team Supervisor 952.767.3681
Amy Blunt Behavior Analyst 952.767.3670
Katie Malsam-Bicek Behavior Analyst 952.767.3676
David Quam Behavior Analyst 612.710.3673
Joe Fuemmeler Behavior Analyst 952.767.3682
David Aadland Behavior Analyst 952.401.4845
Ashley Wastart Behavior Analyst 952.767.3677
Jodie Leko Behavior Analyst 952.767.9196
Ben Chung Behavior Analyst 952.767.9180
Michael Eastin Behavior Analyst 952.401.4860
Julie Bliss Behavior Analyst 952.767.3675
Lauren Specht Information & Referral Specialist 952.767.3697
Curtis Larkin Staff Augmentation Specialist 952.767.3125


Metro Crisis Coordination Program   -   18986 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen, MN 55317   -   612.869.6811
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